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Our Services

Working with nonprofits within the Greater New Orleans community is our staff's passion. Our areas of expertise include:


  • Writing; Our staff at the Donnelley Center can write content for your organization including media releases, online content and copy for your projects. 


  • Strategic Planning; if you have goals to reach but aren't certain how to achieve them, we can offer suggestions on effective communication tactics in order for your nonprofit to achieve your goals.


  • Media Relations; we can help your organization create strategic media communication plans as well as form stronger relationships with local media outlets to promote your mission.


  • Graphic Design; our staff is fluent with the latest Adobe Suite and can help design or redesign your logo or promotional material including brochures, rack cards and more.


  • Social Media Strategies; we can work collaboratively with you to develop a social media plan for your organization and can help coach you on different tactics and strategies to use social media in a clear and effective manner. 


  • Branding; being able to state who you are and what you do as a nonprofit is incredibly important to your audience. We can help you develop a consistent and clear brand image and identity. 


  • Photography & Videography


Our team at the Donnelley Center offers a wide variety of services for your nonprofit organization is capable of so much more than just this! 

*If you have any questions or don't see exactly what your organization needs here, do not hesitate to contact us. We can accommodate to your needs to the best of our ability in order for your nonprofit to become the best it can possibly be.


Contact Us: 

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